Anti-Pig Secondary Antibodies

The Thermo Scientific Pierce Anti-Pig Secondary Antibodies are affinity-purified polyclonal antibodies with well-characterized specificity for pig immunoglobulin classes, subclasses and fragments. They are available as unlabeled antibodies as well as conjugates of alkaline phosphatase (AP), horseradish peroxidase (HRP), Dylight fluorescent conjugates, and biotin. Host species include goat, rabbit and mouse.

Thermo Scientific Pierce secondary antibodies are available as whole IgG or the F(ab')2 fragment. Each of these antibodies is affinity purified using its target antigen (the primary antibody class, subclass, and fragment) coupled to an agarose support. This affinity purification eliminates nonspecific antibodies, resulting in high specificity and low background signal. Conjugated antibodies are affinity purified before labeling.

Selected secondary antibodies have been further purified by adsorbing the antigen-purified antibody to an affinity column containing immobilized serum proteins of selected species. This additional processing minimizes antibody cross-reactivity to the serum proteins of those selected species. These antibodies are designated as Cross Adsorbed.

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Product Description Host Target Species Applications Imgs / Refs Size Product # Price
Mouse anti-Pig IgA (Secretory chain) Secondary Antibody Mouse Po IHC (F), ELISA 00 2 mL MA1-80544 $445.00
Rabbit anti-Pig IgG Secondary Antibody, HRP conjugate Rabbit Po WB, IHC (F), IHC (P), ELISA, DB, IM 00 1 mg PA1-28602 $199.00
Goat anti-Pig IgG (H+L) Secondary Antibody Goat Po ELISA 00 1 mg PA1-84097 $189.00
Goat anti-Pig IgA Secondary Antibody, FITC conjugate Goat Po IHC (F), FACS 00 1 mg PA1-84624 $343.00
Goat anti-Pig IgA Secondary Antibody, HRP conjugate Goat Po ELISA 00 1 mg PA1-84625 $399.00
Goat anti-Pig IgG Fc Secondary Antibody, HRP conjugate Goat Po ELISA 00 1 mg PA1-84628 $399.00
Goat anti-Pig IgG (H+L) Secondary Antibody, FITC conjugate Goat Po IHC (F), FACS 00 1 mg PA1-84850 $343.00
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