Loading Control Antibodies

Thermo Scientific Pierce Loading Control Antibodies include antibodies against the most common loading and expression control proteins. Loading Control Antibodies are essential in the proper assessment of Western blots and are used to compare the amount of protein loaded in each well across the gel. These controls help determine whether sample-to-sample expression level differences of the protein of interest are due to actual protein levels in a given cell lysate or from loading variance in sample preparations. Pierce Loading Control Antibodies can also be used as a complementary antibody stain in immunofluorescence studies with your protein of interest. We now offer a our loading control antibodies to GAPDH, Beta Actin, and Beta Tubulin conjugated to Biotin, HRP, and our DyLight Dyes.

Antibody Target Unconjugated Biotin HRP DyLight 488 DyLight 550 DyLight 650 DyLight 680 Price
GAPDH Loading Control Antibody (GA1R) Full-length GAPDH MA5-15738 MA5-15738-BTIN MA5-15738-HRP MA5-15738-D488 MA5-15738-D550 MA5-15738-D650 MA5-15738-D680 $199.00 / $149.00
Β-Actin Loading Control Antibody (BA3R) Β-Actin N-terminal Peptide MA5-15739 MA5-15739-BTIN MA5-15739-HRP       MA5-15739-D680 $199.00 / $149.00
Β-Tubulin Loading Control Antibody (BT7R) Β-Tubulin N-terminal Peptide MA5-16308 MA5-16308-BTIN MA5-16308-HRP MA5-16308-D488 MA5-16308-D550 MA5-16308-D650 MA5-16308-D680 $199.00 / $149.00

In addition to our conjugated loading control antibodies, we offer antibodies to a variety of other common loading control proteins:

Other Loading Control Antibodies Target Product # Price
gamma Tubulin Loading Control Antibody (4D11) γ-Tubulin C-terminal Peptide MA1-850 $199.00
Lamin A/C Loading Control Antibody (mab636) Lamin A/C MA3-1000 $199.00
Cyclophilin B Loading Control Antibody Cyclophilin B C-terminal Peptide PA1-027A $199.00
Cyclophilin D Loading Control Antibody Cyclophilin D C-terminal Peptide PA3-022 $316.00
COX IV Loading Control Antibody (K.473.4) COX IV N-terminal Peptide MA5-15078 $250.00
Histone H3 Loading Control Antibody (E.960.2) Histone H3 C-terminal Peptide MA5-15150 $250.00
Profilin 1 Loading Control Antibody Profilin 1 Synthetic Peptide PA5-17444 $250.00
VDAC1 Loading Control Antibody VDAC1 N-terminal Peptide PA5-17460 Error


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