Epitope Tag Control Antibodies

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Epitope Tag Antibodies include highly specific monoclonal and polyclonal epitope tag antibodies to the most common tags used by researchers. Epitope tags are frequently used with recombinant protein from E. coli, yeast, insect or mammalian cell cultures to allow researchers to selectively extract a target protein from the endogenous samples. Pierce Epitope Tag Antibodies can also serve as a universal detection method by using tag-specific antibodies to these sequences in applications such as Western blot, ELISA, immunofluorescence, and immunoprecipitation. We now offer a wide selection of epitope tag antibodies, including conjugates to Biotin, HRP, and Thermo Scientific™ DyLight™ Dyes for the most popular tags.

Antibody Target Unconjugated Biotin HRP DyLight 488 DyLight 550 DyLight 650 DyLight 680
FLAG™ Epitope Tag Antibody (FG4R) DYKDDDDK MA1-91878 MA1-91878-BTIN MA1-91878-HRP MA1-91878-D488 MA1-91878-D550 MA1-91878-D650 MA1-91878-D680
His Epitope Tag Antibody (HIS.H8) 6x-His MA1-21315 MA1-21315-BTIN MA1-21315-HRP MA1-21315-D488 MA1-21315-D550 MA1-21315-D650 MA1-21315-D680
HA Epitope Tag Antibody (2-2.2.14) YPYDVPDYA 26183 26183-BTIN 26183-HRP 26183-D488 26183-D550 26183-D650 26183-D680
Myc Epitope Tag Antibody (Myc.A7) EQKLISEEDL MA1-21316 MA1-21316-BTIN MA1-21316-HRP MA1-21316-D488 MA1-21316-D550 MA1-21316-D650 MA1-21316-D680
GST Tag Antibody (8-326) Glutathione-S-Transferase MA4-004 MA4-004-BTIN MA4-004-HRP       MA4-004-D680
GFP Tag Antibody (GF28R) Green Fluorescent Protein MA5-15256 MA5-15256-BTIN MA5-15256-HRP     MA5-15256-D650 MA5-15256-D680
V5 Epitope Tag Antibody (E10/V4RR) GKPIPNPLLGLDST MA5-15253 MA5-15253-BTIN MA5-15253-HRP MA5-15253-D488   MA5-15253-D650 MA5-15253-D680

In addition to our most popular epitope tag antibodies and conjugates, we offer antibodies to a variety of other protein and conjugate tags for your research needs:

Other Tags Target Product #
Biotin Antibody (BTN.4) Biotin MA5-11251
Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP) Antibody (HP-03) HRP MA1-10371
Alkaline Phosphatase (AP) Antibody (P4A10E4) AP MA5-14672
FITC Antibody (#9) FITC MA5-14696
Phycoerythrin B Antibody Phycoerythrin B PA1-28741
eGFP Tag Antibody Enhanced Green Fluorescent Protein MA1-952
Turbo GFP Antibody Full-length recombinant TurboGFP PA5-22688
RFP Tag Antibody (RF5R) Red Fluorescent Protein N-terminal Peptide MA5-15257
VSV-G Tag Antibody YTDIEMNRLGK PA1-29903
TAMRA Antibody (5G5) TAMRA Molecule MA1-041
Maltose Binding Protein (MBP) Antibody Recombinant maltose binding protein PA1-989
TAP Tag Antibody C-terminus of the TAP construct CAB1001
TEV Cleavage Site Antibody TEV Cleavage Site PA1-119
T7 Antibody MASMTGGQQMG PA1-32386
BSA Antibody BSA PA5-23403
Streptavidin Antibody (S10D4) Streptavidin MA1-20010
AU1 Tag Antibody DTYRYI PA1-26547
AU5 Tag Antibody TDFYLK PA1-26552
Glu-Glu Tag Antibody Synthetic Peptide PA5-17335

All of these antibodies are in stock and ship within 24 hours of ordering. We also have a number of tag antibodies available in alternative species. For a complete list of alternates, search our website at www.thermoscientific.com/pierce-abs.

Protein-Protein Interaction Analysis

In addition, Thermo Scientific Protein Biology Portfolio includes products for protein-protein interaction for immunoprecipitation. Use the following links for overviews and product-related info:

Overview of Protein-Protein Interaction Analysis

Overview of Pull-Down Assays

Selection Guide for Immunoprecipitation Kits

Immunoprecipitation Kits Product Overview

IP Kits:

Argose Kits:

26146    Pierce Classic IP Kit
26147    Pierce Crosslink IP Kit
26148    Pierce Direct IP Kit
26149    Pierce Co-Immunoprecipitation Kit
20423    Pierce Protein A/G Plus Agarose
20501    AminoLink Plus Coupling Resin

Magnetic Kits:

88804    Pierce Protein A/G Magnetic IP/Co-IP Kit
88805    Pierce Crosslink Magnetic IP/Co-IP Kit

Tag Specific Kits:

HA IP/Co-IP Kits:

23610    Pierce HA-Tag IP/Co-IP Kit
88838    Pierce HA-Tag Magnetic IP/Co-IP Kit

c-Myc IP/Co-IP Kit:

23620    Pierce c-Myc-Tag IP/Co-IP Kit (Product # 23620)

GST Pull-Down Kit:

21516    Pierce GST Protein Interaction Pull-Down Kit (Product # 21516)
16100    Pierce Glutathione Agarose (Product # 16100)

His Pull-Down Kit:

21277    Pierce His Protein Interaction Pull-Down Kit (Product # 21277)
88221    HisPur Ni-NTA Resin (Product # 88221)
89964    HisPur Cobalt Resin (Product # 89964)

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