Standard ELISA Testing for Monoclonal Antibody Development

ELISA to select mice / rats for fusion and screening ELISA for hybridomas.

Our standard monoclonal antibody development service includes ELISA testing to determine which mice (or rats) are ready for fusion and ELISA screening of the resulting hybridomas to determine the best cell lines to move forward with full characterization and subcloning. ELISA results are provided to researchers after each test bleed and are meant only to track the progression of the immune response to antigens. This data in conjunction with end application testing (e.g. IHC, FACS, etc.) against native protein is considered to complete the screening and select final clones for immortalization.

Titration ELISA for Test-bleeds:

Following the 5-week immunization schedule, test-bleeds of each mouse (or rat) are tested using our standard titration ELISA assay. ELISA titers are determined by screening each sample in two sets of replicates.

~ Sample Monoclonal ELISA Report ~
Sample Monoclonal ELISA Report

Once hybridoma supernatants are obtained, they are again screened, this time by single-point dilution ELISA to measure the antigen specific reactivity. Complete reports are provided to researchers at each stage and conference calls are set up to discuss the data and chart the desired course based upon their needs.

Screening is perhaps the most crucial aspect to successfully generating monoclonal antibodies. Many researchers elect to screen antibodies themselves, but we can screen the antibodies against native antigens in applications for you if needed. For more information on our validation services, contact a project specialist.

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