Custom Labeling of Antibodies and Proteins

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Conjugate your antibody or protein with the Experts!

Thermo Scientific Pierce has a large selection of labels you can select to conjugate to your antibody or protein:

  • DyLight™ dyes (see DyLight Dye options)
  • Traditional fluorophores such as FITC, Fluorescein, Rhodamine, R-PE, and AMCA dyes
  • Biotin (the largest selection of biotin reagents available - see our Reagent Selection Guide for details)
  • HRP, alkaline phosphatase, and other enzymes
Other labels may also be available upon request.


Standard Pricing for antibody/protein labeling with enzyme labels (e.g. AP, HRP, etc) and Biotin reagents:

1-2 mg of protein $1,495.00
3-10 mg of protein $1,655.00
>10 mg of protein Inquire

Standard Pricing for antibody/protein labeling with fluorescent labels:

1-2 mg of protein $1,595.00
3-10 mg of protein $1,995.00
>10 mg of protein Inquire


  1. Pricing does not include antibody costs, which will be quoted separately.
  2. An initial buffer exchange is provided with the conjugation service. If the protein requires purification from ascites fluid, serum or cell culture medium or if the removal of stabilizer proteins (e.g. BSA, gelatin, etc.) is necessary prior to conjugation, additional charges will be applied.
  3. Standard pricing is for IgG isotypes. Additional charges for IgM, IgA, IgD, IgE conjugations will be applied.
  4. Affinity purification is available upon request.
  5. If antibody/protein is supplied by customer, additional handling fees and supply agreements may be required.
  6. Conjugates of small molecular weight proteins (e.g. <50 kDa) will need to be evaluated per order and may require additional costs.
  7. Labeling chemistry of antibodies/proteins typically results in 75-95% recovery of the protein-depending on the label, chemistry, and protein. As a result, conjugation of 1mg of antibody will result in <1mg of conjugated material.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I request a conjugation?
A. Please use our online quote request form or you may email your request and questions to

Q. How do I send my antibody to get conjugated?
A. It's easy! We will assign a "product number" for your antibody and send you detailed instruction on how to send your material.

Q. Is there a minimum amount of antibody I can send to have labeled?
A. For best results, we recommend starting with at least 1mg of material. With smaller quantities, we recommend our labeling kits.

Q. If my antibody is from a different vendor, can you order it for me?
A. Yes, but we will need to charge a handling fee to cover our costs and the risks associated with working directly with a vendor of your choice.

Q. Can you purify my antibody for me before labeling?
A. In addition to a buffer exchange, we can purify your protein. However, additional costs will be incurred based on the complexity of the purification process. You should also be aware the purification steps may lead to a loss of total protein (e.g. total BSA removal will cause loss of material).

Q. How long will my conjugation take?
A. We typically can ship your material back to you within 10 business days of receiving/prepping the material. Some projects will require additional time (e.g. purification steps before and after conjugation, special instructions, etc.).

Q. Do you do conjugations to anything besides antibodies?
A. Yes, we can conjugate most proteins. The concentration of the protein, its structure and active conjugation groups will affect the success. Additional fees may be required. For other molecules (e.g. DNA, crosslinkers, large molecules, etc.), please inquire.

Q. What is included in the costs of the standard service?
A. These include the costs of labels, buffer materials (including a buffer exchange), and the labor itself. In addition, standard QC testing includes mole label to mole protein ratio, protein concentration, and final stabilized buffer format. Costs for the antibody/protein are separate and will depend on the source. Additional specifications by the customer will be quoted as needed.

For more information, call us at 800 874 3723 (in North America), or email

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