Albumin Antibody (AL-01)

Albumin Monoclonal Antibody for Western blot, IHC (P), ELISA, RIA

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DKFZp779N1935, PRO0883, PRO0903, PRO1341
Entrez Gene ID:
UniProt ID:
Host / Isotype: Mouse / IgG1
Class: Monoclonal
Type: Antibody
Clone: AL-01
Tested Species Reactivity: Human (Hu)
Immunogen: Ammonnium sulphate precipitation and DEAE-chromatography of human serum.
Ordering Information
Pierce Albumin Antibody (AL-01)
Product #
100 µg
Tested Applications Dilution *
Western Blot (WB) Assay Dependent
Immunohistochemistry (Paraffin) (IHC (P)) 5 µg/ml
ELISA (ELISA) Assay Dependent
Radioimmune Assays (RIA) Assay Dependent
* Suggested working dilutions are given as a guide only. It is recommended that the user titrates the product for use in their own experiment using appropriate negative and positive controls.
Form Information
Form: Liquid
Concentration: 1mg/ml
Purification: purified
Storage Buffer: PBS, pH 7.4
Preservative: 15mM sodium azide
Storage Conditions: 4° C, do not freeze
Product Specific Information
This antibody will not cross-react with other mammalian species.
General Information
Human serum albumin (65-67 kDa) is the most abundant protein in human blood plasma (produced in the liver). It has a serum half-life of approximately 20 days.
Product Images
  • Albumin Antibody (MA1-19174) in WB

    Western Blot with anti-Albumin Monoclonal Antibody [AL-01] (MA1-19174) (ALB-Antibody-MA1-19174-WesternBlot-WB-HighRes.jpg)

    Western Blot with anti-Albumin Monoclonal Antibody [AL-01] (MA1-19174)

(This product is for In Vitro experimental use only. Not for resale without express authorization.)
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